RPA & Block Chain

Fulfillforce’s Robotic process automation process is where software robots automate manual monotonous data-entry and repetitive tasks across different systems. Our end-to-end RPA consulting services exploit intelligent automation and help enhance productivity.

We ensure reduction in operational costs and help businesses to scale.

Our software bots are built to execute rule-based tasks that reduce or replace the mundane tasks of the tech professionals, allowing them to deliver excellence, significant to the human capabilities.

Our RPA offerings:

  • Consulting - Assessment of the as-is processes, Process discovery, Scoping of the problem statement
  • Due Diligence - Provide a holistic strategic roadmap, Best Solution Approach, Proof of Concept (POC), Recommendations on RPA Solutions and platforms, Plan on governance models
  • RPA Enablement - Define KPI/Metrics, Process improvisation and Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Best Practices
  • RPA Implementation - Build workflows, QC on Bots, Exception workflow process, Business user training
  • Support - BOT Maintenance, Continuous improvement, Product and license support

RPA tools we leverage:

  • Automation Anywhere
  • UiPath
  • Kofax